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2014/03/03 14:24   Christine's Dress Shop Run by Christine Patterson, this dress shop serves the needs of all the women in town. She keeps two full-time women in the shop for sew… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Flatrock Bank Owned by Jake Lowery, the bank was built by his father Bruce Lowery in the summer of 1842. The only problem ever encountered since its founding w… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Flatrock Barbershop David Keeling is the town's barber, doctor, and dentist all rolled into one. He keeps a store in town with a single barber/dentist chair an… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Flatrock Post Office One of the newest buildings, constructed in 1878, the post office used to be housed in the railstation before it became too crowded to hol… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Flatrock Railstation This serves to as a place to sell rail tickets, telegraph station, and it even has a few rooms for rent on a very temporary basis (typical… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Hoskin General Store The largest General Store, it is located near the rail on the north edge of town. Run by the Petersons, this store serves most of the town… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Lady Luck Tavern Flatrock's largest tavern also serves as the dancehouse, saloon, and brothel. Far more rough that the Silver Dollar across the street it attra… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Miner's Claim Built in the summer of 1848, this store has served the needs of the miners for the past 30 years. It keeps track of claims and ensures that they … ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Mullins Boarding House This large two-story townhouse seems out of place compared to the ramshackle buildings around it. With flowerboxes, ivy running up the w… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Osborne Undertakers Run by two brothers, Bart and Jacob Osborne, the Undertakers have seen a fair amount of business the last few years with the Indian attacks… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Silver Dollar Saloon Flatrock's smaller and more respected tavern. Unlike the Lady Luck across the street, the Silver Dollar is a large place where people can … ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Trent Stockyards Just outside the western edge of the town are the stockyards. While they can butcher some cattle — it mostly serves to load the cattle unto th… ,
2014/03/03 14:24   Valley Hotel While the Silver Dollar Saloon has a few rooms for rent, and the Lady Luck has the same for the girls; only the Valley Hotel has enough rooms at r… ,